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Radioactive Scrap at Your Facility?

It is becoming more and more of a problem in The United States where scrap yards are discovering they have had radioactive materials dumped in their scrap yard in most cases un-knowingly, however in some unfortunate cases it may have been deliberate. Many scrap yards in The United States have installed Portal Monitors also sometimes referred to as "Gate Monitors" to combat this.

Trucks are to enter in through a centralized point where monitorization will have been placed on each side of said particular entry point so as the truck drives between these Portal Monitors, if any radioactive isotopes are present, the alarms will be triggered.

In the event of something turning up "Hot" at a scrap yard, most scrap yards will reject the entire load, however some will accept the waste as long as they can have the opportunity to sort through the waste and find whatever is triggering the alarms. In the event the scrap yard misses the radioactive material and it makes its way into the scrap yard, many times that scrap yard will now have to find outlets that are licensed in the disposal and have the knowledge of how to dispose of such radioactive scrap items. Most of the time what is found to be tripping alarms is Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials also known as N.O.R.M. which consists of Naturally Occurring elements from the ground such as Radium, Uranium, and Thorium.

Radioactive Scrap at a scrap yard

ADCO Services has over 40 years of experience in the dealing with scrap yards that have had radioactive items turn up in their yards. Contact ADCO today for your radioactive contaminated scrap needs. We are here to help you.

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