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NORM Waste From Drilling To Be Regulated Soon

In the past drilling companies engaging in oil field drilling were churning out hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste which in some cases contained Naturally Occurring Radioactive Isotopes such as U-238 and Ra-226 in The United States. Until recently, many states did not regulate what to do with this type of waste stream, however times of change have arrived for one northern state. Montana recently moved to begin regulating these types of radioactive wastes from drilling operations requiring generators to no longer be able to send this type of waste to a standard sanitary landfill.

State officials in Montana discovered that the filter socks were the main culprit of the radioactivity, as these socks collect N.O.R.M. by filtering waste water from Hydro Fracking and are typically discarded in large quantities. ADCO Services has aided many generators of this type of NORM waste nationwide since 1965. Contact an ADCO representative today to find out about our radioactive waste disposal solutions we can offer you.

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