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Are your students safe?

It is important to remind teachers and faculty members at our schools across the country that in many cases your academic facilities will have hazardous materials as well as radioactive materials even on-site that is or was used for teaching in previous years. The question you should ask yourself as the summer break winds down if you are a faculty member of a school or sitting on a school board, is do you really still need these chemicals or radioactive items, is the material even being used, and if it isn't being used any longer or is expired, it may be a good idea to have the hazardous material or radioactive material properly disposed of before students return from summer break.

In our over 50 years of being in business, performing thousands of lab clean-outs, our team has un-covered items stored in cabinets or store rooms that nobody had any clue was even there or what the product was even used for in previous teaching years. In many instances, the items found were in bottles where the labels were so faded or old that the chemical name could no longer even be read. Bottles dating back to the 1950s and 1960s are commonly found in older schools in older areas where school officials over the years decided to just put off getting rid of the hazardous or radioactive material not realizing that over time some chemicals will present new dangers to students and staff members of the school such as: bottles leaking, packages degrading, chemicals oxidizing, radioactive items exposing children to radiation, etc.

We must remind school officials that unfortunately prices for disposal NEVER go down and every year due to inflation, new regulations, rising insurance costs, rising costs of doing business, etc. will cause your disposal prices for these items to only go up. That being said, we need to point out that it is a good idea to keep chemicals and radioactive items for as long as you are using them, but once they are no longer useable for whatever reason, it is of utmost importance that you have the materials properly disposed of.

Contact ADCO today to assist you with the proper disposal of your un-needed chemical or radioactive waste streams. Doing so, will not only give you and your staff peace of mind, but protect America's future students.

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