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Disinfecting Surfaces During Covid-19 Pandemic

Staying Safe During Covid-19

We are all aware by now about the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe and as laboratories across the nation ramp up production to either research vaccines or find cures for Covid - 19 they must also maintain a meticulous work space free of germs on surfaces. This means constantly having to wipe down surfaces with disinfectant to kill any viruses that may be present on the surface.

This constant cleaning of counters, cabinets, floors, and walls means clutter in the laboratory setting must be clear and out of the laboratory or technically it should be disinfected constantly as well to prevent cross contamination. One thing in our years of doing lab clean-outs and labpacks we've seen time and time again is old chemicals stored in cabinets of which in some cases have been in the cabinets so long that the labels are no longer even legible on the bottles, or in some cases we've found chemicals stored in cabinets dating back to the days before barcodes were on everything. This would mean most likely that those bottles pre-date the Regan administration! If this sounds like your lab then it may be time to do a little "house-cleaning" and get rid of the clutter on the shelves and in the cabinets so you can easily spray your workspace down with disinfectant, wipe it up, and move on with your daily work vs having to move a bunch of old junk out of the way that obviously nobody is going to use, clean the space the un-wanted stuff was in, plus wipe down all the old un-wanted stuff, and then put it all back in place. Give ADCO a call to help with your lab clean-out so your laboratory is easier to keep clean in the future.

At ADCO our staff is fully trained in the lab-packing of un-wanted / expired chemicals making and can walk you through the process of your chemical disposal project. In many cases due to so many employees working from home, this is the perfect time to perform a project such as this as the workspace won't be crowded with your employees trying to work and our staff trying to clean out the lab. Give ADCO Services a call today to keep your lab clean.

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