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Hazardous Waste Disposal in Akron, Ohio

Hazardous and Radioactive Waste Disposal in Akron, Youngstown, Warren, and Canton, Ohio with ADCO Services

Akron and Youngstown have a choice when choosing a waste management company that is a locally run. ADCO Services is the local choice for a hazardous waste disposal company that is able to handle all types of hazardous waste including radioactive waste for waste generators in Akron, Ohio. We specialize in the disposal of chemical waste, flammable liquids, old paint waste and paint related materials such as paint rollers and roller wash as well as stain covered rags, plus many other types of waste requiring special removal, transportation, and disposal.

ADCO Services specializes in rapid low-cost hazardous waste disposal and non-hazardous (Non-RCRA) waste disposal service in Akron, Ohio. ADCO has a team of highly trained associates that have been in the waste industry for many years. Our team is able to offer a wide array of knowledge and brainstorm disposal options for your next disposal project.


Companies requiring hazardous waste disposal or radioactive waste disposal in Akron, Ohio have many options for how to dispose of their "Special Waste".  Let ADCO's team analyze your waste disposal needs and offer you with the most economical and efficient option for rapid response and removal of your "Special Waste".

Hazardous Waste Disposal in Akron, Ohio

(RCRA & Non-RCRA Wastes) and Radioactive Waste Disposal in Akron, Ohio:

Automotive Waste in Akron, Ohio:

  • Anti-Freeze Waste Disposal

  • Car Battery Disposal / Recycling

  • Filter Disposal

  • Fuel / Gasoline / Diesel Disposal

  • Oil Disposal

  • Oil Filter Disposal

  • Transmission Fluid Disposal

Chemical Waste in Akron, Ohio:

  • Acetone Waste Disposal

  • Acid Waste Disposal

  • Ammonia Waste Disposal

  • Chemical Waste Disposal

  • Chemicals for Recycling

  • Cyanide Waste Disposal

  • Glycol Waste Disposal

  • Pesticide and Herbicide Disposal

Construction Waste in Akron, Ohio:

  • Asbestos Waste Disposal

  • Brick and Cinder Block Waste Disposal

  • Carpet Padding / Carpet Glue Waste

  • Driveway Sealer Disposal

  • Dumpster / Roll-Off Rental / Disposal Service

  • Gypsum Drywall Disposal

  • Paint Waste Disposal

  • PVC Piping and PVC Cement Glue Disposal

  • Roof Sealant Disposal

  • Wood Debris Disposal

Industrial Waste in Akron, Ohio:

  • Adhesive / Glue Waste

  • Chemical Solvent Waste

  • Off-Spec and Outdated Product Disposal / Destruction

  • Oil Waste Disposal

  • Plating Waste

  • Sludge Waste

  • Waste Water

Laboratory Waste in Akron, Ohio:

  • Chemistry Lab Waste

  • Disposal of un-used/un-wanted chemicals

  • Laboratory Waste Management Service

  • Lab-packing Service

Used Oil Collection Service in Akron, Ohio:

  • Compressor Oil Disposal

  • Cooking Oil Disposal

  • Cutting Oil Disposal

  • Glycol Disposal

  • Industrial Oil Disposal

  • Motor Oil Disposal

  • PCB Oil Disposal

  • Transformer Oil Disposal

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