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Paint Waste Disposal Service and Oily Soiled Rag Disposal

Paint Related Waste Disposal Service

Oil Based Paint, Latex Paint, Paint Thinners, Roller Wash, Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone Disposal

About ADCO's Paint Waste Disposal

ADCO Services specializes in paint related waste disposal. Commonly generators of paint waste will come across other items which usually are found in conjunction with any painting job; items such as: Acetone, Drywall and Sheetrock Compound, Joint Compound, Paint Thinners, brushes and rollers, as well as other hazardous items all of which need to be properly disposed of leaving you to ask, "how do I dispose of my paint waste?" 

ADCO Services is able to help you properly dispose of paint related waste streams keeping you in compliance with both state and federal law. Our staff is fully trained in the proper disposal of this typically flammable waste stream and is ready to help you. 

Oily Rag Disposal Service

Stain covered rags, oily rags, paint filled rags, flammable rags, soiled rag disposal

About ADCO's Oily Rag Disposal / Solvent Rag Disposal Program


ADCO Services can offer you disposal of your soiled rags. Whether your rags were used in paint clean-up, grease clean up, oil clean-ups, or even used as applicators of varnishes and stains, ADCO is able to assist you in the disposal of these typically flammable waste streams. 

ADCO can assist you with the packaging and proper shipping as well as disposal of your "oily rags". Call today to find out about our great reduced rates we can offer your business allowing you to stay in compliance with your state and the federal agencies all while saving money!

Aerosol Spray Paint Can Disposal

Aerosols, Spray Paint, Pressurized Can Disposal

Spray Paint Disposal / Aersol Can Disposal Offered By ADCO

Spray paint cans and other Aerosol cans are able to be disposed of with ADCO Services. ADCO specializes in the transportation and disposal of these commonly flammable items typically considered a U.S.D.O.T. Hazard Class 2.1.

Let ADCO profile your waste into a licensed hazardous waste processor where your Aerosol cans will be properly disposed of. ADCO will prepare your paperwork in accordance with The United States Department of Transportation and your waste will be transported on a fully permitted truck.

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