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Mixed Waste Disposal and Scintillation Fluid Disposal Service

Radioactive mixed waste disposal, scintillation vial disposal, and scintillation media disposal have been a specialty service offered by ADCO Services since 1965. With our close working relationships with various licensed TSDF's licensed to accept radioactive materials, ADCO has provided full-service mixed waste management for radioactive waste generators and hazardous waste generators of hazardous wastes containing 2 or more hazard classes in The United States from the industrial setting, the academic setting, the laboratory setting, and in government settings. Listed below is some information about each of the services we offer in regards to scintillation vial disposal and mixed waste disposal.

scintillation vial disposal

Scintillation Vial Disposal

About ADCO's Scintillation Media Disposal Service

ADCO Services offers full-service radioactive waste disposal of regulated and deregulated (dereg.) scintillation vials through utilization of one of its radioactive waste disposal partners which hold a radioactive materials license. If you look at ADCO's competitive prices for vials both greater than 0.05 uCi/ml or below 0.05 uCi/ml when containing H-3 and/or C-14 you will discover why thousands of radioactive waste generators have chosen ADCO over the past 50 years to dispose of their radioactive scintillation vials. 

When you contact ADCO, we will offer you a pricing schedule so you can determine which option works best for you whether you are generating scintillation vials that are Dereg. yet flammable or containing some sort of hazardous constituent, or Dereg. and Biodegradable, or if your vials are Regulated (Greater than 0.05 uCi/ml containing H-3 and / or C-14) and contain hazardous constituents or are considered biodegradable. 

ADCO has over 50 years of experience in advising our clients of packing requirements for their waste streams, can provide paperwork generation, profiling into a licensed processing facility, transportation, and disposal of scintillation vials at a licensed TSDF. Call ADCO today to find out about our turnkey radioactive waste management services we offer waste generators in The United States. 

radioactive mixed waste disposal

Mixed Waste Disposal Service

Mixed Waste Disposal & Radioactive Mixed Waste Disposal Offered By ADCO

ADCO Services specializes in offering a full-service comprehensive mixed waste disposal service at one of our licensed TSDF locations we have a close working relationship with. Liquid wastes that exhibit two or more types of U.S.D.O.T. hazard classes are considered a mixed waste and require special processing for proper disposal. A mixed waste will contain for example: radioactive isotopes as well as contain hazardous constituents combined in the same container creating a mixed waste carrying a U.S.D.O.T. hazard class of Class 7 and usually Class 3, Class 8, or sometimes codes for TCLP heavy metals. 


Sometimes scintillation vials, scintillation media, bottles of liquid, and bulk liquids contained in drums will fall into the category of being considered a mixed waste where two or more USDOT hazard classes will be present in the same container. Mixed waste streams such as these will require special labeling, shipping names, profiling, and processing for their disposal.


Mixed wastes for example may contain: Toluene, Xylene, or Acetonitrile, along with radioisotopes, heavy metals, or other RCRA and EPA listed wastes. Certain packaging and disposal requirements as well as manifesting must be met before mixed wastes can be shipped for disposal. 


Requirements such as the paperwork preparation and profiling into a processor can be difficult, not to mention time consuming, and with time constraints set forth by state and federal agencies, generators of this mixed wastes often find it problematic to ship this very special type of waste while remaining in compliance with the regulatory agencies. 

Let  ADCO Services assist you with your disposal efforts of mixed wastes. Our experts will take the complexity out of the mixed waste disposal process by finding a way to dispose of your mixed waste and/or scintillation fluids in a prompt manner and legal manner utilizing only licensed processing facilities in The United States. For over 50 years, ADCO has maintained strong business relationships with numerous hazardous waste and radioactive waste processors across The United States allowing us to find the best most cost effective disposal outlet for this often problematic waste stream.


If you are unsure of what constituents are present in your mixed waste stream, ADCO Services can offer you sampling services through one of our partners to further help identify what hazardous constituents may be present in the mixed waste. Once complete, you will receive a copy of the certificate of analysis listing what constituents make up the mixed waste. 

ADCO's daily contact with waste processors who handle mixed wastes, aqueous liquids, scintillation cocktails, bulk liquids, lab-pack drums, etc. allows us to get speedy profile approvals and pricing for you. The disposal and transportation of the mixed waste stream will be handled safely and efficiently as all other types of wastes through ADCO Services.

Mixed waste disposal analysis

Sampling and Analytical on Scintillation Fluids and Mixed Waste

Hazardous Waste and Mixed Waste Sampling Analytical Service

ADCO Services can offer sampling services with one of our partnered labs in the event you are unsure what isotope or hazardous constituents are in a vial, set of vials, drum, or bulk liquid container. ADCO's partnered laboratory has the ability to run a full spectrum analysis to determine what if any hazardous constituents may be present in a container of liquid as well as what radioisotopes may be present along with their respective activities. You will be provided a complete report once analysis is complete. 

Mixed Waste Disposal Service In The Following Areas:

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