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Transformer Disposal Service / Switch Disposal Company

PCB and Non-PCB transformer disposal and transformer oil disposal services have been offered in The United States by ADCO Services since 1965. ADCO specializes in the proper disposal of transformers and transformer oil and can offer sampling services of PCB Oil / Mineral Oil commonly used inside transformers to determine the transformer oil's PCB levels. ADCO offers turnkey transformer oil pump-out services / disposal, transformer removal, transportation of obsolete transformers, and final disposal of transformers and switches ranging in size from small Pad Mount Transformers and Pole Mount Transformers, to Substation Transformers and Oil filled switches.  

Our staff is familiar with a variety of transformers commonly disposed of in The United States. "Step-Up Transformers" for instance are used to increase voltage (Tension) to effectively carry electrical current over great distances through "High Tension Wires". "Step-Down Transformers" are the types of transformers typically seen in pretty much every neighborhood in the United States where they either can be pole mounted and look like large garbage cans attached to the utility pole or can be metal boxes sitting on a pad usually in people's backyards. At ADCO, we are familiar with disposing of both types of transformers and have offered this service to generators in The United States since 1965.

Our expert staff knows that while not all transformers contain PCB levels greater than 50 PPM, they all do still require special handling and cannot just simply be scrapped at the local scrap yard without any processing what-so-ever. Our staff has found in our history of handling transformers for disposal that as Legacy equipment "dies off" it is turning up in warehouses set in corners, scrap yards, behind buildings, etc. Ideally the proper way to handle the disposal of transformers is, the Oil should be drained from the transformer and placed into steel bulk liquid type drums to make the transformer unit in free of any transformer oil and is safe for transit. By having the transformer unit being empty, it will eliminate any chance for leakage to occur during transit causing a spill. At the very least, the holes where the bushings are attached to the transformer(s) must be removed, capped off, and sealed with caulk to reduce the chance of a "Spill" of transformer oil while in transit. Once either the unit has been drained, or every hole is secure, or both, the entire unit then can then be picked up with a crane, or for small transformers, can be picked up with a forklift and set onto either a flatbed trailer or in a van type trailer provided by ADCO where the entire unit will then be sent to our licensed processing facility where the unit will be dismantled and disposed of in accordance with state and local as well as federal laws. 

Pole Mount Transformer Disposal
Pad Mount Transformer Disposal
Large Transformer Disposal
Transformer Transportation
Pole Mount Transformer Recycling

Many times clients contact ADCO with the ever so common problem of a leaking transformer which has leaked possible PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) contaminants either onto the pad underneath the transformer, or in regards to pole mount transformers, they will have leaked possible PCB contaminants onto the ground below. This is not a problem for ADCO as we are capable of removing PCB contaminated soil as well as running analytical on samples of possible PCB contaminated soil to determine if your soil is now considered contaminated.

Transformer Substation Disposal

Transformer Disposal Service Offered To The Following Areas:

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