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South Dakota: Hazardous Waste Disposal Service

Hazardous Waste Disposal Service in South Dakota (SD)

Vermont Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous Waste Disposal Services in South Dakota Provided by ADCO

Hazardous Waste Disposal Services are offered in South Dakota by ADCO Services to hazardous waste generators for all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, including radioactive and nuclear wastes in The State of South Dakota. We specialize in disposal of special wastes used in the industrial/commercial setting, however also offer our services to: municipalities, government agencies, universities, medical institutions, and much more.

Items typically found in the industrial and commercial setting in South Dakota can often pose environmental hazards and threats and be difficult to dispose of, let alone be very costly. This is also the case in many other instances where expired wastes are found left behind many times un-marked in cabinets or storage lockers. Let ADCO Services take the frustration out of your waste disposal needs by offering you with service options on how to manage your waste removal such as lab-packing and waste consolidation while keeping you in compliance with the regulatory agencies such as South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources all at an affordable cost to you. 

ADCO's team in The Great Faces Great Places State can identify your hazardous or radioactive wastes by method of sampling as well as researching the history of the generation site. Many times our team can come up with analytical reports for you to be able to profile your waste streams into a licensed TSDF. We also can offer you with analytical services if needed. For radioactive items such as sealed sources and nuclear gauges we can offer you with leak testing and dismantling services.

ADCO Services is licensed to haul all types of wastes with the exception of Class 1 in South Dakota. Call today to find out more information about ADCO's hazardous waste transportation and disposal services we offer, plus we can provide you with a free quotation for your waste disposal needs.                        

Common Waste Streams Handled for Disposal in South Dakota 

By ADCO Services, Inc.:

Class 2 Flammable Compressed Gas Disposal

ADCO Services specializes in the disposal of compressed gases. Spray paint cans, other aerosol cans, and gases under pressure can be disposed of with ADCO. Call today for details on our gas cylinder disposal. 

Class 3 Flammable Liquid Disposal

ADCO Services can offer disposal services for your flammable liquids such as: Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Acetone, Flammable Paint, Resin, Toluene, Xylene, Gasoline, and much more!

Class 4 Flammable Solids Disposal

ADCO Services offers disposal services for your spontaneously "Flammable Solids", "Spontaneously Combustible Solids",  and items "Dangerous When Wet".

Class 5 Oxidizer Disposal Service

Class 5 Oxidizer disposal is offered with ADCO Services. This includes disposal of Nitrates which often pose a problem for many generators. Find out how ADCO can save you money on the disposition of your Oxidizers.

ADCO technicians are fully trained on the lab packing of Oxidizers commonly found in the Industrial setting and Laboratories. We can provide you with a quote to lab-pack your Oxidizers and provide you with the proper packaging. ADCO will prepare your paperwork, profile the waste into the processing facility, transport the Oxidizer to the TSDF, and get your waste disposed of. 

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Class 6 Poisons Disposal

Class 6 Poisons are no problem for ADCO Services to dispose of. Call today and find out details on great pricing options for your Poisonous waste disposal.

Class 7 Radioactive Waste Disposal

Radioactive Waste Disposal is ADCO's specialty. ADCO has over 50 years of experience in the handling, shipping, and disposal of LLRW Low Level Radioactive Waste. Items such as Sealed Sources, Dry Active Waste (DAW), Animal Carcasses, Mixed Wastes, Scintillation Vials, Irradiated Metals, Uranium and Thorium Compounds, Machines such as Scintillation Counters containing Sources and Seeds, Radioactive Smoke Detectors, Radioactive Exit Signs, and much more are commonly shipped and disposed of with ADCO Services from generators across The United States. 

ADCO can also offer you leak testing for your sealed sources and in cases where removable contamination is thought to be present. 

Class 8 Corrosive Liquid Disposal

Corrosive liquids such as Sulfuric Acid, Muriatic Acid, Nitric Acid, and much more are common to be shipped by generators across The United States with ADCO Services. ADCO Services can offer you a safe and affordable option to dealing with your Corrosive Liquids. 

ADCO can offer you sampling service if you so should require to determine the pH of a specific waste stream. 

Class 9 Environmentally Hazardous Waste Disposal

Class 9 Wastes such as TCLP Heavy Metal contaminated wastes tend to be some of the most frustrating waste streams to dispose of as some processors will take it as being Non-Hazardous while many will not. Let ADCO take the frustration out of dealing with your Environmentally Hazardous Waste by offering you low cost for legal disposal with a licensed processor. 

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Areas of Service for Hazardous Waste Disposal in South Dakota (SD):

  • Aberdeen, South Dakota

  • Alcester, South Dakota

  • Antelope, South Dakota

  • Arlington, South Dakota

  • Armour, South Dakota

  • Ashland Heights, South Dakota

  • Baltic, South Dakota

  • Belle Fourche, South Dakota

  • Beresford, South Dakota

  • Blackhawk, South Dakota

  • Box Elder, South Dakota

  • Brandon, South Dakota

  • Britton, South Dakota

  • Brookings, South Dakota

  • Canton, South Dakota

  • Centerville, South Dakota

  • Chamberlain, South Dakota

  • Clark, South Dakota

  • Clear Lake, South Dakota

  • Colonial Pine Hills, South Dakota

  • Crooks, South Dakota

  • Custer, South Dakota

  • Dakota Dunes, South Dakota

  • De Smet, South Dakota

  • Deadwood, South Dakota

  • Dell Rapids, South Dakota

  • Eagle Butte, South Dakota

  • Edgemont, South Dakota

  • Elk Point, South Dakota

  • Estelline, South Dakota

  • Eureka, South Dakota

  • Faulkton, South Dakota

  • Flandreau, South Dakota

  • Fort Pierre, South Dakota

  • Fort Thompson, South Dakota

  • Freeman, South Dakota

  • Garretson, South Dakota

  • Gettysburg, South Dakota

  • Gregory, South Dakota

  • Groton, South Dakota

  • Harrisburg, South Dakota

  • Hartford, South Dakota

  • Highmore, South Dakota

  • Hill City, South Dakota

  • Hot Springs, South Dakota

  • Howard, South Dakota

  • Huron, South Dakota

  • Ipswich, South Dakota

  • Kadoka, South Dakota

  • Kyle, South Dakota

  • Lake Andes, South Dakota

  • Lake Madison, South Dakota

  • Lead, South Dakota

  • Lemmon, South Dakota

  • Lennox, South Dakota

  • Madison, South Dakota

  • Marion, South Dakota

  • Martin, South Dakota

  • Milbank, South Dakota

  • Miller, South Dakota

  • Mission, South Dakota

  • Mitchell, South Dakota

  • Mobridge, South Dakota

  • North Eagle Butte, South Dakota

  • North Sioux City, South Dakota

  • North Spearfish, South Dakota

  • Oglala, South Dakota

  • Parker, South Dakota

  • Parkston, South Dakota

  • Philip, South Dakota

  • Piedmont, South Dakota

  • Pierre, South Dakota

  • Pine Ridge, South Dakota

  • Platte, South Dakota

  • Porcupine, South Dakota

  • Rapid City, South Dakota

  • Rapid Valley, South Dakota

  • Redfield, South Dakota

  • Rosebud, South Dakota

  • Salem, South Dakota

  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • Sisseton, South Dakota

  • Spearfish, South Dakota

  • Springfield, South Dakota

  • Sturgis, South Dakota

  • Summerset, South Dakota

  • Tea, South Dakota

  • Tyndall, South Dakota

  • Vermillion, South Dakota

  • Viborg, South Dakota

  • Volga, South Dakota

  • Wagner, South Dakota

  • Wanblee, South Dakota

  • Watertown, South Dakota

  • Webster, South Dakota

  • Wessington Springs, South Dakota

  • Whitewood, South Dakota

  • Winner, South Dakota

  • Worthing, South Dakota

  • Yankton, South Dakota

South Dakota: Areas of Service
Demolition Debris Disposal
  • ADCO Services can offer contaminated soil disposal, excavating, and dumpster rental services in South Dakota. We also specialize in construction debris disposal, Asbestos removal and disposal, Lead contaminated waste disposal, TCLP heavy metal disposal, tank clean-outs, acid disposal, fluorescent bulb disposal, ballast disposal, PCB disposal, transformer disposal, oil disposal, paint related waste disposal, and much more!

  • For South Dakota generators of radioactive waste, we are able to haul and dispose of all types of radioactive items such as: sealed sources, Uranium and Thorium compounds, exit signs, smoke detectors, animal carcasses, DAW, mixed waste, and more! 

ADCO truck fleet
  • ADCO Services utilizes its sister company ADCOM Express, Inc. to haul hazardous waste and materials.


  • ADCO has a team of fully trained employees certified in Hazardous Materials Shipping and can prepare your paperwork and profiles on your behalf.

  • All ADCO employees undergo a rigorous training program including: 40 hour Hazwoper, OSHA, general awareness, shipper certification, radiation safety, ALARA, forklift safety, function specific radiation training, and continual refresher training.

  •  ADCO has over 50 years of experience in the field of hazardous waste disposal as well as radioactive waste management in South Dakota.

ADCOM Express Truck
  • Waste is hauled only on fully licensed, bonded, and insured trucks.

  • Our drivers have logged over one million miles and we maintain a satisfactory rating with the U.S.D.O.T.

  • ADCO Services can not only offer you with hauling of your hazardous wastes, but also non-hazardous waste and materials still requiring special transit needs.


  • We are even licensed to haul radioactive waste streams!

  • ADCO Services can also offer hauling of general freight, commodity, and LTL loads.

South Dakota: Hazaradous Waste Disposal Services Offered

Supplies Offered for Pickups of Special Waste in South Dakota (SD.):

ADCO Services can offer a wide array of U.S.D.O.T. approved shipping containers such as: Steel drums, poly drums, fiberboard boxes, tank rentals, tanker trucks, bulk liquid totes, and absorbent.

Hazardous Waste Shipping Supplies

For a free quote please fill out form below. Be sure to include an inventory of what it is you are trying to dispose of. We may also request MSDS' and photos of  your waste so please have those ready as well to expedite the quoting process. Be sure to include where you are located (City and State) and the name of your business you represent or agency.

Your details were sent successfully!

"Service Second to None"

That's what our customers say when asked about ADCO Services' hazardous waste disposal program we offer clients anywhere in South Dakota!

Our agents are standing by to assist you with your waste management needs.

South Dakota: Supplies Offered
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