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Hi Ho Hi HoIt's Back To Work We All Go

It's no shock to once again see freeways jammed at rush hour, and office buildings in urban areas bustling again now that nearly everyone has returned back to work after a Pandemic sent them home to sit for the past year in a seemingly like vacation for most part. In many cases, states re-opened just about at the exact same time for ones that were in shut down mode such as Illinois, California, New York, Massachusetts, and Michigan just to name a few. By states re-opening fully back up after being shut down in some cases for a matter of months to nearly a year, it created a log jam situation for countless industries across the nation including waste disposal.

If you are noticing it taking longer than usual to get your waste picked up, or to even get someone to call you back after calling in a request for needing a waste pickup, you are not alone. Companies dealing with waste in The United States have found themselves in a dilemma over the past number of months where a snowball of problems has hit waste disposal outlets grinding the waste disposal industry to a halt. A combination of occurrences is what is causing this logjam type effect for those trying to dispose of waste; even more so, hazardous waste.

With most returning back to work all at the same time, heads of waste departments who left waste to sit since the beginning of 2020, now suddenly since they are back to work full time are frantically trying to dispose of waste from not only 2020, but now also 2021. This means nearly double the amount of waste a processor normally takes in is being rushed into their facilities for processing as this waste in many cases sat in facilities past its time limit. This problem is just one that adds to a mountain of problems processors are facing nationwide leaving waste disposal companies to be forced to store waste on trailers as there is nowhere to go with the waste or just not even pick it up. Add on the problems in-house at the waste processors and you will quickly see this is a nightmare that will take a long time to get resolved.

Many employees are thumbing their noses at their employers now choosing to remain sitting at home as they have become accustomed to it, then add in the fact that there is a major truck shortage as drivers are going where the money is, and right now with the backlog of goods trying to enter into the US from China available trucks are scarce. Next, add in the fact that many processors have a certain amount of financial surety posted in the event they go out of business the financial surety posted is to protect the average tax payer from having to dispose of waste left behind. This means that processors can only take legally up to what they have posted for surety and once they hit that ceiling they technically are not supposed to bring in any more waste until their figures for waste on-hand drop significantly.

Then lastly enter in the president's new vaccine mandate that many local municipalities are now also forcing upon businesses where if you don't want to get vaccinated, then you don't deserve to work here is their mentality. As if the industry didn't have enough problems going on already, now we will force good workers to sit at home unless they get the vaccine they obviously do not want. This further exacerbates the labor shortage where employers, especially waste processors cannot get anyone to work for them meaning piles of work will be left to go undone.

All these items listed above are going to be going on for a while so please be patient with whatever waste disposal company you choose to use. We are all in this mess together and everyone just needs to be patient for the waste jam situation at all the processors to clear up so we can go back to bringing waste into processors with ease. This situation will be fixed, it is just going to take time. We at ADCO just wanted to make sure you are aware of what is going on in the industry and why it is taking so long to get jobs completed.


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